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WPC Canada Powerlifting Principles

We are a LIFTER FRIENDLY organization. So judging is geared to ensuring fairness across all lifters while ensuring that lifters have the benefit on the platform, not the rulebook.

Becoming A WPCCP Judge

To be a judge in WPC Canada Powerlifting, you need to be over 25 years of age, have demonstrated an interest in the sport and have successfully passed the written exam. Written exams can be obtained by contacting Bruce McIntyre at

We follow the WPC rule book and it is available at the WPC Website.

For Canadian judges your first meet after qualifying will be supervised by a senior WPCCP  judge who will point out any inconsistencies between your practical work and the rulebook.

International Judges

After undertaking WPCCP meets as a Canadian certified judge You can also become an international accredited judge. This process involves passing an intense written exam administered by the World Powerlifting Congress with a 90% or greater passing grade. You can repeat the exam if necessary. Once you have passed the exam you have to complete a practical certification under the supervision of existing WPC certified International Referees. The practical exam consists of in meet testing where nuances are explained, your approach to judging is examined and you are prepared to judge the best and biggest lifters on the planet.

To obtain a copy of the international test contact Bruce McIntyre at

Hosting a Meet:

You will need judges for a meet and currently the following people are accredited:


  • Bruce McIntyre 

  • Gary Bobrovitz

  • Bert Merriman

  • Clark Yeo

  • Andrew Moreau

  • Mike Webber

  • Tara Webber

  • Hilda Siegel


  • Clint Harwood

  • Jason Seabrook

  • Shaun Roach

  • Barry Antoniow

  • Shane Church

  • Mat Bertrand

  • Ross Saldan

  • Cheryl McKenzie

  • Mat Court

  • Karl Cormier

  • Tony Tomra

  • Richard Singh

  • Josh Walters

  • Andrew Casertano

  • Gwen Tomra

  • Shawna Saldan

  • Les Fleiszig

  • John Dietrich

  • Nathan Robertson

  • Derek Tiller

  • Stan Wilband

  • Scott MacDiarmid

  • Joanick Boilard

  • Bernice Fuss

  • Glenn Stiller

  • Heather Stiller

  • Liane Sabourin

  • Sarah Watson

  • Ashley Chapman

  • Lucas Chapman

  • Catherine White

  • Justin Rodger

  • Dominic Toovey

  • Bianca Smith

  • Nicolas Gourde

  • Alex Bernard

  • Nicolas Villeneuve

  • Sabina Seleno

  • Jason Boxtart

  • Mike Yang

  • Tyson McNeil

  • Matt Brass

  • David Bennett

  • Tavis Harris

  • Denis Racine

  • Mathieu Bordeleau

  • Chris Armes

  • Sarah McCaffrey

  • Maureen Bornbaum

  • Leah Gitterman

  • David Clavette

  • Jaynie White

  • Andrew Berry-Moreau

  • Kyle Hendricks

  • Anthony Smith

  • Curd Hos

  • Chrystelle Moreau

  • Jason Gauthier

  • Dave Clavette

  • Anthony Smith

  • Max Boivin

  • Adam Jackson

  • Rebecca Pitre

  • Jason Rossi

  • Robyn Schmidt

  • Hilda Siegel

  • Dylan Reid

  • Brandon Horne

  • Nikita Horne

  • Matthew MacNeil

  • Scott Hickling

  • Richard Talbot

  • Anthony Miller

  • Greg Van Olm

  • Trayci Metzger

  • Tara Rickert

  • Catherine Lepage

  • Jean-Pascal Leclerc-Kegel

  • Camil Leclerc-Kegel

  • Nathan Boudreau

  • Stacey Jensen

  • Ian Cormier

  • Chad Ball

  • Matt Watson

  • Marc Cardinal

  • Phillipe Dauphin

  • Pierre-Phillip Martin

  • Steve Dube

  • Hantony Landry

  • Andrew Bissett

  • Francis Bernier

  • Chanel Nolet

  • Alastair MacNicol

  • Tasha Lahey

  • Ricardo Machado

  • Steve Sidhu

  • Ken Blaylock

  • Dan Petkovesk

  • Jay Cook

  • Dallas Smith

  • Grove Turtle

  • Mark McManus

  • Julie Bissett

  • Lindsay Toll

  • Ryan Titley

  • Greg Veenstra

  • Renee Howland

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