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WPC/AWPC AGM Rule Updates (3 of 4)

The third Changes update is the introduction of a new pre meet judges meeting that will be mandatory at all meetings. For Canadian meets the Meet Director will appoint a head judge for the meet. This does not mean the individual will be a head judge for each lift. It means the individual who is the head judge for the meet will conduct the judges meeting and should also participate in or conduct the lifter rules meeting. The judges meeting is to occur prior to the lifters rule meeting. In the judges meeting potential grey areas for rules interpretation will be discussed and agreed to. For example, how much time should judges grant a lifter for a retake of a misload or a 4th record attempt. Another example is for equipped lifters what will constitute minor equipment adjustments on the platform for bench, squat. The idea is to formalize prior to the Lifters rule meeting key issues that can then be passed on to the lifters so there is more clarity on how situations will be resolved. Clark Yeo and Bruce McIntyre are working on a cheat sheet for judges that will also be posted on the website in the near future. We would like this to start with the March 26th meet in Ontario.

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