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WPC/AWPC AGM Rule Updates (4 of 4)

The fourth Changes update is changes to the WPC/AWPC classification standards. The old standards were outdated and did not reflect all the new styles, Classic Raw and Single ply were excluded. New standards were developed in Canada and accepted for the global organizations. The standards were developed based on’s compilation of lifting history. With some minor variations the classifications reflect the top 5% of historical lifts for a weight class as elite, the top 10% as Master, the top 20% as Class 1, the top 30% as Class 2, the top 50% as class 3 and the top 70% as class 4. In most weight classes a beginning lifter should with work be able to get to a Class 4 status easily. Elite will require significant effort.

We will start providing Classification Certificates. Lifters at a certain meet who attain a particular classification status could then apply to have a certificate, like with records, and get entered into a database maintained on the website.

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