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WPCCP roads lead to the WPO

The biggest equipped meets in the world are back with the World Powerlifting Organization (WPO). The WPO long stood as the biggest and baddest platform on the planet in the early 2000s, and in 2018 it roared back with vengeance. Since it's return, it's sealed a contract with ESPN, and has been home to the biggest total in powerlifting history with Dave Hoff's staggering 3103 total in October 2019.

Every serious equipped lifter has the WPO on their bucket list, and the WPCCP is the ONLY place in Canada that Canadian lifters can qualify (they can go to other WPC meets abroad to qualify as well) if you're a Canadian lifter and are looking to qualify for the WPO, WPC Canada Powerlifting is your place to be. From the WPO website:

*To be eligible for 2020 Semi-Finals consideration, lifters must achieve a Total and a competitive Glossbrenner score in ANY 2019 WPC/AWPC or WPC/AWPC affiliate sanctioned meet (including all APF/AAPF and WPO meets). Eligibility does not guarantee invitation. Lifters will be selected to create the highest level of competition. All WPO Series meets are scored based on Glossbrenner score without age coefficient.

2020 WPO Super Finals selection is based on 2020 Semi-Finals top-15 placement.

The WPO reserves the right to employ any athlete to it’s roster to maintain the highest level of competition and professionalism available.

Full details can be found on the WPO website

Check out our meet calendar for a WPCCP meet near you!

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